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So, What Is New York Style Pizza?

There are over 20 recognized variations of pizza served in the United States.  Many of these are actually derivatives or close “cousins” of New York style pizza. A New York Pizza is usually large (generally 18′-19′ in diameter) and hand tossed, giving it very thin crust.  Traditionally, it has tomato sauce base and fresh mozzarella cheese as a topping. 

Timma flipAdditional toppings are usually added on top of the cheese.

Is New York Style Pizza Supposed To Be Greasy?

Our pizza may seem greasy, but this is a by-product of our high standards.  Lucy’s NY Style Pizzeria uses only top quality ingredients, and thus, our cheeses typically have a high butterfat content.  So, while our melted cheese may often yield a “greasy” appearance, its taste and resistance to burning make it FAR superior to the “low moisture, part skim” cheese often used by the national pizza chains. Hence, why their pizza lacks robust flavor.

Did Pizza Originate In New York?

Pizza’s true origins are in Italy.  But, we can with some accuracy state that New York style pizza as we know it was first made in New York City in the early 1900’s by Lombardi’s Pizzeria, which is widely credited with being the first pizzeria in the United States… and is still serving pizza to this date.  We appreciate Lombardi’s contributions so much, that Geoff had their name tattooed on his butt some time ago.

OK, So Why Do You Serve New York Style Pizza In Idaho?  

That’s easy! Because it tastes FANTASTIC! At Lucy’s NY Style Pizzeria, our goal is to stay true to the legacy of the New York style pizza pie, while also offering you exciting out-of-the-ordinary flavor combinations.  We think you’ll agree that our New York style pizza does the Big Apple proud.  We don’t look at other pizza fast food joints as competition.  There is no threat, because we serve something completely different than what they are serving… which is processed, low moisture, low flavor, flavorless frozen dough and cheap ingredients… all for a cheap price.  To be honest with you, cheap ingredients make a profit, not a pizza.  Franchise fast food pizza joints may be able to sell a million pizzas for $5, but you sacrifice flavor for the low price.

We are a pizzeria, not a fast food pizza place.

We make pies, not cardboard pizzas.

Hopefully that answers your questions. But feel free to ask more below and we will answer those too.  😉

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